How did the participation of the course enhance your career?

The course is an excellent addition to anyone with a good understanding of regulatory affairs and toxicology. It provides in depth training on the regulatory and scientific requirements of a risk assessor by those with decades of experience within the cosmetics industry.

What was the most relevant part/topic of the course?

There is no one ‘most relevant’ part of this course. If you are looking develop the skills to carry out a full safety assessment and compliance checks to place on the market a legal cosmetics, then every module provides a unique learning experience.

What did you like best during your participation?

The practical days allow an open and informative discussion between the tutors and participants, allowing more day-to-day issues of carrying out a safety assessment or regulatory challenges to be examined in detail.

How / Where did the course meet your expectations?

The course is an investment not only in cost but in time and that should not be under estimated. You need to ensure you have the time to do the course work over the best part of a year to make best use of the depth of the course presentations and insights from the instructors. However, the result of the hard work is the ability to develop a network of ‘go to’ experts to better develop your business and the services you can offer to your clients.

What was the most significant outcome from this course?

Different perspectives and insights from a very broad range of presenters providing a well- rounded, academically robust learning experience that is wrapped up in real work practical applications.

Dr. Mark Tallon

Managing Director,