What was the most relevant part/topic of the course?

All related with Module 4, I think is the core part, when we finally learn how to do the exposure calculations. It is when I felt: “I am a Safety Assessor”

How did the participation of the course enhance your career?

So dynamic and interactive course, also multidisciplinary with multitopic, and with that I have now a better and more general picture of cosmetics world.

What did you like best during your participation?

The structure of the course: Class + Recording + Pdf Presentation + Quiz + Quiz answers. Then discussion during attendance day. You have all the tools to learn and be an excellent safety assessor.

How / Where did the course meet your expectations?

I was so insecure in the beginning about if I wouldn’t be capable to do Safety Assessment Reports after the course, but now, I know I have all the information required to do by myself. Of course I need to keep learning and getting expertise.

What was the most significant outcome from this course?
  • The viewing of all regulation related with cosmetics directly and not so direct.
  • Learning how to do the exposure calculations.
  • New thinking as Safety assessor always, I have a new point of view from the course.

Totally recommended course, even not only for professional to be safety assessor, I think all formulators need to have this tool, at least Module 1 and 5.

Patricia Alamo

R&D Senior Formulation Chemist,
Cosmetic Creations Ltd.