How / Where did the course meet your expectations?

This course not only met my expectations but exceeded them. I receive not only theoretical but also practical knowledge on qualitative preparation of Cosmetic Product Safety Report. The lecturers were qualified, each expert in their field. Practical examples for each module are an integral part of this course.

What was the most relevant part/topic of the course?

All topics were relevant for me. The most challenging but at the same time most valuable part for me was Toxicology 1 and Toxicology 2 as I have not studied it in depth before. Now I have more understanding on skin sensitization and irritation, phototoxicity, acute and systemic toxicity.

What did you like best during your participation?

I really enjoyed Attendance Day for each Module. Attendance Days are intense with high value because of the active discussions and information provided. I really like that each Attendance Day starts with summary of hot topics.

Iveta Kusina

Quality Assurance Manager,
Pretty Woman LLC